The Preserve at Astor Farms
Fishing Policy

Fishing Policy

Designated Fishing Area

We recognize that our beautiful ponds are the ideal spot for a relaxing afternoon of fishing. Fishing can create great memories and most parents would rather have their kids outside playing than inside staring at video games.  Having said that, fishing can be damaging to the ponds' ecosystems and for those homeowners who live on the ponds, it can be uncomfortable to have a group of people sitting behind your house fishing.  We have also seen a dramatic increase in the number of people who are coming from outside the neighborhood to fish in our ponds.  Often when a homeowner asks people fishing to leave, they are met with rude language and refusal to leave.

To address these concerns while still allowing for fishing, the Board has approved a designated fishing area where fishing will be allowed, subject to certain rules (See below).  This area is at the intersection of Astor Farms Place and Hawks Hammock Way, across from the field.  Fishing in all other areas and ponds is prohibited.  Even if you live on a pond, you are not allowed to fish behind your home.

In order to ensure that only residents and their guests are permitted to fish, we need to be able to determine if someone fishing is a resident.  Parents - please tell your children that if they are approached by a Board member and asked to identify themselves, that they must do so (last name and street).  If someone refuses to identify themselves, we will assume they are not a resident and the sheriffs will be called.

Folks caught fishing in prohibited areas or breaking the rules will have fishing rights suspended.

Fishing Rules

  • Catch & Release fishing is allowed from dawn to dusk in the designated area between the two signs only.  Fishing in any other area or pond is prohibited
  • Fishing is for residents and accompanied guests only.  All others will be trespassed. (Residents are required to identify themselves upon request.)
  • Fishing is allowed from the shore only.  Fishing from watercraft, wading or swimming is prohibited.  Please do not stand on drainage structures.
  • Please respect our community and remove all trash.
  • Fishing is at your own risk.  Beware of wildlife.
What should you do if you see someone fishing?
If the person is fishing in the designated area, do nothing.  The Board is requesting that homeowners not attempt to identify people fishing in this area - let us handle that.
If someone is fishing behind your home or in another prohibited area - please politely inform them that fishing is not allowed in that area.  Let them know that if they are residents, they are allowed to fish in the designated area and tell them where that is.  If they refuse to leave or act rudely, do not engage, simply call the Seminole County Sheriff's Office and email to let us know.