The Preserve at Astor Farms
Fishing Policy
Recently we have seen a significant increase in the number of people fishing in the community's ponds - both residents and unauthorized visitors.  While officially the Association's rules prohibit fishing, it is a difficult rule to enforce - leading to some ambiguity about the policy.  The Board has been discussing what the fishing policy should be going forward.  
Unauthorized visitors are the easiest question to answer - they will not be allowed to fish in the community ponds.  The Board is working with the Seminole County Sheriff's Office to give them the authority to trespass anyone who is not a resident (or a guest of a resident).  
The harder question to answer is whether the Association should allow fishing for residents.  After some discussion at the last Board meeting, the Board has come to two possible options:
1) Enforce the No Fishing Policy and Prohibit fishing entirely.  Fishing would not be allowed in any pond.  Non-Residents would be trespassed and residents caught fishing would be sent a warning letter and then fined in accordance with the Bylaws.
2) Allow fishing in a designated fishing area.  Fishing would be prohibited in all ponds with the exception of a designated fishing area which would be located at the corner of Hawks Hammock and Astor Farms Place - across from the big field.  Fishing would be subject to the following rules: 
  • Residents and (2) guests only. 
  • Fishing allowed from Dawn to Dusk only.
  • Fishing must be done from the shore.  No boats, wading, walking or climbing on drainage structures.
  • Catch and release, fish may not be taken.
  • No trash or bait to be left behind.
  • Fishing would be at your own risk
  • If asked, those fishing would be required to identify themselves and their address.
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