The Preserve at Astor Farms
Renter Information
On behalf of the residents of the Preserve at Astor Farms, welcome!  We are excited that you have chosen our neighborhood as your home.
Before we can grant you access to this website, issue parking passes, issue gate codes or add you to our call box directory, we need to verify your status as a renter.  Our bylaws require that your homeowner provide the Board of Directors and our Management Company with a copy of your lease with the names of those who are living in your house.  This allows us to ensure the security and privacy of our residents by only allowing access to those folks who should be in the neighborhood - or their guests.
Unfortunately, in many cases, the leases are not turned over and we have no way of verifying your status as a renter.  If you have submitted a registration to this site but have not been approved, this is likely why.
So what can you do to help?  The best thing you can do is contact your homeowner or rental management company and ask them to send a copy of your current lease to our Management Company - House of Management.  They can email it to and cc  Our management company will process your lease within 48 hours and add you to the verified renter list, and your web registration will be approved.
The gates will become operational again on Saturday, July 7th.  All of the codes have been reset.  So if you do not have a new code or a remote, access will be difficult.  There will be a temporary global code of 56789 that will be active for the next 2 weeks.  However, it is important that you ensure you have a lease on file so that you can get the code that has been assigned to your property.  Also, please be advised that the new camera system is now active at the front gate.
If you have any questions, please email and we will be happy to assist you.
The Board of Directors